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Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books
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The Bear Spirit

There once was a lumberjack who lived all alone in a small mountain village except for his loyal dog for he had no relatives or family. So he would go up into the mountains alone with his dog to gather firewood which they would sell in the city to buy rice. One morning when the woodcutter went into the forest and was searching for wood, listening to the birds with the dog running ahead its tail wagging until he spotted what appeared to be an old man ahead. The dog stopped short of the thing and then ran off into the bushes.
“Hey where are you going?” the lumberjack called to his dog and then he noticed that what he’d thought was an old man was really a bear which was moaning piteously. 
Approaching closer he saw that the bear had an arrow sticking out of it.
“Poor thing,” the lumberjack thought. “We ought to help you.” 
So he took the arrow out of the bear causing the blood to gush forth. The dog ran forward then and started to lick the wound. The lumberjack meanwhile ripped some wormwood from a tree and put it on the bears wound to make it better. 
“Lie quietly and don’t move and the pain should pass soon,” the old lumberjack said gently to the bear.
As the old lumberjack had predicted the bear soon recovered with the old mans help. The grateful bear then like the dog almost never left the old man’s side but would help the him haul the firewood into town. Soon rumors began to spread about a bear which pulls a cart full of firewood. So when the curious people saw the lumberjack coming down out of the mountains they rushed into the streets to greet him and buy his lumber.
The old lumberjack lived thus with the animals, and they worked together this way for some time but eventually the old man grew too old and died. The old lumberjack was buried in the mountains and the dog and the bear stayed by his grave. Feeling sorry for them the people would bring them food but they wouldn’t eat. After some time the dog passed away as well leaving the bear alone. Later when people went up to visit the grave of the lumberjack they couldn’t find the bear anywhere. They began to look for him and beside a road which wound up the hill they saw a large stone which they believed was the bear. Eventually the bear stone was believed then to have become the village guardian so when people passed it they would bow to it and say; “Hello Mister Bear, how are you feeling today?” The people would also ask the bear for help lifting their carts up the steep hill and it was believed that the bear spirit would help good people, so that when they had an easy journey up the hill they would thank the bear rock and leave him offerings and pray to him.
Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books


Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books