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Russia is a vast land filled with ancient forests, eternal steppes and the largest pockets of wilderness in the world. Its in these pockets of wilderness that the many diverse peoples with their many unique fairy tales live. So while most of us think of Slavic Russian Fairy tales when we discuss the old stories of Russia there is so much more. The Ugric peoples which make up the last surviving pagan traditions of  Europe live in Russia. The Altaic people's from whom the Japanese language is decended live here also as do dozens of isolated and unique peoples found no where else on earth. So its through the fairy tales of Russia/Siberia that we can gain a better understanding of all the tales of the world.

A girl meets a stranger at a party, he is kind to her and all the guests and they soon fall in love, and that is when the trouble begins. A dark russian folk tale of cannabalism, death and rebirth.

A girls wicked step mother is related to Baba Yaga, and the mother sends her step daughter to be eaten by her aunt Baba Yaga. A Russian folktale which introduces Baba Yaga as an aristocratic figure with servents, a dark fairy tale of cannabalism, as will as of aid through friends and pity.

A weird sort of vampire which steals its blood as a human would not for food but out of anger and spite. The soldier must defeat this dark creature. 

A foolish brother sells his ox to a tree, thinking that the tree is speaking to him, as is usual in such stories his brothers make fun of him and the fool ends up with a great wealth.

The Brothers Frost
I love how playful the frost fairies come across in this fairy tale. There is a tendancy in Russian stories to depict them as dour, but in this story they skip through the forest and plan their mischief. 

The Shepherd's Flute
A sheepherd is so good at playing a flute that those who hear it must dance. A skill he uses to get revenge on an employer who mistreated him.

The Bear and the Man
Similar to a number of other European fairy tales in which a man tricks a creature by offering them all the tops of turnips and roots or rye. The difference is that as with Asian fairy tales this fairy tale depicts an animal rather then a troll or devil. 

The Girl in the Well
This story depicts a girl who enters an alternative world at the bottom of a well where she works hard and earns her fortune.

Snorgurashka and the Fox
A fox saves a little girl who gets lost in the forest and is rewarded.

The Fox and the Wolf 
Russian Fairy Tale translated by Zeluna.net about a tricky fox who torments a wolf. This fairy tale shows the transition from Asia where they are fairy like figures to Europe.

The Wind, Frost, and the Sun
This Russian Fairy Tale shows the importance of carefully choosing who to show respect to as there are many forces of nature which are each easily angered.

Baba Yaga II
The tale of a girl who's father takes her out to Baba Yaga to be the witches servent.

The Goat's Kids and the Wolf
A wolf tricks a goat's kids and devours them but the goat gets its revenge. 

The Fox and the Sick Lion
A sick lion tears appart all his guests except for the clever fox.

The Old Man and the Fox
An old man climbs with his wife up to the sky on a magic bean stalk and he seeks revenge on a fox. This appears to be two seperate tales put together in a strange way.

The Fox and the Wolf's Honey
A fox steals a wolf's honey.

The Soldier's Christmas Carol
Some soldier's use caroling as a way to steal a Christmas goose.

The Wolf and the Quail
A wolf learns that a bird in the hand is better then a small herd of imagined calves.

The Old Man and the Wolf
An wolf keeps demanding that an old farmer feed him until the old farmer snaps.

Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books


Fairies, Fairy Tales, Fairy Books