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Fairies at the Threshold
part 1

Every morning people go bustling to their jobs coffee in hand, a mild stimulant to help them fight through their otherwise sleepy lives. For most people by the time they reach their early twenties there is no longer any mystery left in the world, no sense of wonder. But if they looked just a little closer they would be surprised to find that the world is filled with wonder, that the whole world is teeming with fairies just waiting to burst across our thresholds.

It is on one of these typically ubiquitous mornings that I spot her coming out of a shopping center. She doesn’t seem remarkable though her beauty is enough to cause most men to stare, but that’s not unusual. It’s her hair that gives her away, bright strawberry blond with deep red tips. Few people think much about this, it’s common enough for a girl to dye her hair, but I’ve been studying her species for awhile now.
Three blocks then four, she traveled farther than most typically dare to go shopping. Her species is slowly growing bolder by the year, five blocks, and a record. Then someone passes in front of me and she’s gone. There’s only one tree she could have jumped into, her home in the same sense that our body houses our spirits for she is one of the trees souls. All living creatures have multiple souls, and just like the shamans of old could send one of their souls out to walk places their bodies couldn’t go, the trees can send their souls out as well. But in the bustle of a city this crowded the trees have been afraid to send their souls very far. That, however, is changing because even though fairies and spirits are slow to change they have been adapting to the changes in the world around them, some in the most surprising of ways.