Worlds Rise  

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Primal Fairies
A picture novel which tells the tale of fairies living within ancient Europe, starting before the first humans and going until the fairies are  drawn into the humans war..
Fairy at the Threshold
The world is filled with wonder, with fairies just waiting to burst across our thresholds. A serilized light novel about shamans and fairies in the modern day.
Silent Snow
Yule is coming; a time for gift giving, friendship and the hope of a new year. But the world has already fallen, conquered by the χάος, demons from beyond time. Only a few humans remain free and able to resist them; in hidden villages and secret safe houses they plot ways to retake the world.
Curious about whom her future husband will be, Danuta does a ritual to see him only to see a monster of the forest in the mirror. Terrified by what she's seen she attempts to change her fate only to find herself in the wilderness she hoped to avoid, a forest filled with strange creatures and twisted fairies that block her journey home.

Fairies Tales
Fairies struggle to find love, meaning and purpose in the most challenging world of all; their own. Written as a series of short fairy tales from the fairies perspective, the Fairies Tales is a picture novel which tells the story of the rise of chivalry and the destruction of civilization through dozens of tales which come together to make a whole.