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Fairies at the Threshold
part 16
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It seemed obvious to Fern that Fletcher was far too overprotective of her given that he spent his nights out hunting vampires and other interesting things. She wanted to get out to truly experience the gift she’d been given. True Fletcher had spent a lot of time helping Fern learn how to cast spells, how to control the spirits which had chosen her by possessing her for reasons she still didn’t quite understand, but he’d kept her cooped up in this small section of the house. Worst of all he’d kept her cooped up while teaching her about fairies, making her even more curious about the strange world she could only see from her window. She knew of course that it was dangerous to draw the attention of the powerful beings whose rulers had long ago decided that they didn’t want humans to have interactions with the magical world and so had sealed away the most powerful wizards like Merlin, but she didn’t think she could draw that much attention.
She was sleeping in what had been the laundry room because Fletcher wanted to keep her confined to one upper floor, like some sort of princess in a tower she thought with bemusement. But he didn’t even have a bedroom instead he slept in the hallway. So for the past month Fern’s whole world had been a sitting room, a laundry room, a bathroom and a small makeshift kitchen, it was impossible for her to stay cooped up in this tiny place any longer. She needed to get out for a day to explore the strange world she’d become a part of. She sniffed the air once more to make certain that neither the house fairy, her parents, nor Fletcher were nearby. When she didn’t smell anyone in the room with her she stretched and squirmed with a loud yawn before sitting up, a smile creeping across her face as a beam of sunlight engulfed he. She couldn’t have picked a better day to creep out and explore. She kicked her way out of bed and onto the hardwood floor.

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