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Fairies at the Threshold
part 15
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So now they gave her many powers powers including a sense of smell that was greater than a dogs, but they’d also made her target for the denizens of the “Other World,” such as the fairies, the trolls, and far worse things; or so she’d been told. So to keep her safe Fletcher had moved in with her parents to watch over her like a hawk, peeking in on her while she slept, and telling her over and over again since she’d been chosen to enter the fairy realm that she wasn’t ready to go outside just yet, and of course Fern’s parents and older sister agreed with him. So here she was able to see fairies and magical beings yet she’d only had a few frightening days when she’d first been possessed that she’d really been able to experience the other world, to see the fairies which lived outside. And at the time she’d thought  them to be nothing more than disjointed hallucinations or at times demons. Now she’d been stuck on a single floor of her house which her parents had allowed Fletcher to set aside for her, surrounded by dozens of totems and other magical barriers to keep the spirit world out so that the only fairy she’d really conversed with were the spirits inside of her and a grouchy little house fairy who was some ancestral spirit of Fletcher’s and so kept watch over her while he was away and one or two other simple little spirits that stayed hidden from her. The spirits of the trees which now lived in the floorboards had only appeared to her once or twice and then only for a moment.

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