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Fairies at the Threshold
part 34
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“Ai̯u ēt-mén,” she whispered casting her spell quietly so the other people on the bus wouldn’t hear her. A moment later the spell revived the fairy who immediately bit down on her fingers once more.
“Enough,” she whispered fiercely as she shook the fairy. “I have defeated you and now you must serve me. Is it agreed?” She asked.
The fairy struggled for a moment longer in her grip before finally nodding.
“Say it,” the Rusalka told the fairy through Fern’s mouth.
“I serve you,” the fairy conceded her.
“Good, we are bound together now?” Fern asked the Rusalka inside her.
“Yes,” the Rusalka confirmed. “You are bound together.”
“You can go,” Fern told the weed spirit, “But don’t tell anyone about me.” And with that she let the fairy go. The little spirit zipped away from her whipping out an open window with a cry of frustration
Fern slumped against the window as she looked at the bite marks on her hand. They weren’t big, and fairies like that one didn’t carry any poison but the bite stung never the less. She wondered for a moment what her friends were doing today as she glanced out the window. She hadn’t really thought about what she was giving up, she’d been too busy being amazed by what she’d found. Being special meant being alone, she remembered thinking that when she’d met a child prodigy who was going to college at the age of twelve. Someone who no one could really understand. It was worse for her because she had a secret, she couldn’t share anything. Fletcher had said there were a few hundred others in the world who knew of fairies, but not many others and no one else in this city but him and her. The bus stopped outside the zoo and she got off quickly.

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