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Fairies at the Threshold
part 37
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Torn by concern she decided that she had to make a donation to the zoo to make up for her indiscretion, as she stepped through the gate.
Fern sucked in her breath with wonder as she looked across the zoo grounds. It didn’t matter how many times she saw something new in the fairy world she was always amazed by it. The wildness and chaos of the street was nothing to this, for here fairies from many lands still meet after having only been in this one for a few years. Those on the street that had come over with immigrants had often been in this country for decades and so had adapted, but not here. She’d read in the notes that Fletcher had given her that most of the shamans around the world who studied the fairy realm, including Fletcher, thought that zoos were the best place to view fairy adaptations as they had beings from all over the world which had come with the animals. Thus African and Asian fairies interacted with each other in a strange land, The wolf was gone, having vanished and Fern’s quest was momentarily forgotten. She skipped towards the penguin enclosure, grinning at the playful animals which were zipping around the water with a rainbow of different types of water spirits.

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