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Fairies at the Threshold
part 36
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She pursed her lips as she thought, she probably didn’t have very long before Fletcher would find out she’d gone and track her down so she didn’t have long. She started to leave when the largest of the spirits interrupted her.
“A far greater danger is coming,” the spirit told her. “Things are converging here, and so you must travel with caution lest you become the hunted. Seek out a wolf, an eel and Merlin’s sister.”
“Thank you,” Fern nodded her mind still puzzling over what the Alkonost had told her.
She stood up hoping that a walk would help her think more clearly, she left a tip and a small votive statue for the spirit as well before walking out the door.
A young wolf was waiting for her outside the building.
“No, not a wolf,” Fern realized as she realized that she could see through the spirit.
“Seek out the wolf,” she recalled the spirit in the restaurant having told her.
“That just seems too easy,” Fern thought as she started to walk towards the ‘wolf.’
She hadn’t quite reached it, however, when it sprang up and started to pad away from her.
“Of course it couldn’t have been that easy,” Fern thought as she started chasing the spirit through the city, and for brief moment through the spirit realm, which allowed her to travel for miles in the blink of an eye. The spirit ran into the zoo and Fern held her breath to follow, going invisible for a brief moment as she ran through the zoo gates. She instantly felt a pang of guilt at skipping past the payout counter but she didn’t want to  loose the wolf. Torn by concern she decided that she had to make a small donation to the zoo to make up for her indiscretion, as she stepped through the gate.

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