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Fairies at the Threshold
part 4
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“Yes but you need the exercise,” Fern teased Perla as she poked her belly. “You've been hanging out with me too much and your metabolism can't take it.”
Up ahead Perla noticed a strange man walking down the street towards them and subconsciously stepped between the man and her sister. She couldn’t put her finger on it but there was something about him, an energy that set her teeth on edge..
“Excuse me?” the man asked just before they passed him by.
“Yes?” Perla asked the man anxiously.
“Could you tell me what time it is?” He smiled.
“Six forty,” Perla informed him as she glanced quickly at her watch then back up at him.
“Thanks,” he returned as she walked away.
Perla gave an involuntary shudder.
“Weird,” Fern mused.
“What was?” Perla inquired.
“I don't know, I feel like I know him from somewhere,” Fern told her sister as they walked up to their house. “Like he’s an old friend.”
“He gave me the creeps,” Perla disagreed.
“Also weird, we both had a reaction to a complete stranger, its like how a horror movie starts,” Fern grinned.
“Thats the other thing I need to stop you from watching those silly movies,” Perla frowned her sister.
“Why?” Fern objected. “Horror movies heighten my senses so that I'm less likely to take big risks.”
“And make you paranoid, plus they still keep you up at night,” Perla explained. “Could you get the plates? Perla asked as she started unpacking the food.”
“There's just two of us, why use plates that we'll just have to wash later,” Fern reasoned  as she she popped open a small tub of duck and grabbed a piece with her chopsticks.
“Fine,” Perla agreed as she started to eat a spicy tofu dish.
Fern cracked open her fortune cookie.
“Weird,” she smiled as she started pulling the piece of paper with the fortune printed on it out of the fortune cookie.
“What?” Perla asked.
“This paper, its more than a foot long and I'm still pulling it out,” Fern laughed.
“They must have accidently left a bunch of fortunes uncut at the factory,” Perla speculated. “More fortunes for you.”
"The world is about to change forever, and you are going to be reborn. Like all births, like all things in life your life is going to become much more complicated. You'll feel pain, you'll feel alone. Just know that you are not alone. That as the world changes, as the nightmare begins you are the candle that everyone will flock to for comfort. That is why you feel like you'll feel like you are melting as the trouble begins, and why you'll burn those who get too close to you." Fern read before handed the long slip of paper to her sister.
“That is weird,” Perla agreed as she looked at the strange fortune.
“See perfect horror movie start,” Fern grinned as she brushed of the fortune.
“Fortune cookies were invented in San Francisco,” Perla told her sister. “So I doubt if they can tell the future. This is probably just someone's idea of a joke.”
“Really I heard they were invented in some Japanese temple or something,” Fern furrowed her brow. “Besides San Francisco seems weird enough that psychic stuff should be able to come out of their too.”
“Too many movies,” Perla sighed as she snagged a piece of duck.
“I'm not saying I believe in fortune cookies, just that we shouldn't discount things because they came from San Francisco and not China,” Fern informed her sister.
“I suppose not,” Perla agreed.
“Speaking of bad horror movies, we should watch one,” Fern told her sister as she opened her laptop.
“I'd rather watch a romantic comedy or something, and its my turn to choose,” Perla disagreed.
“Seriously?” Fern asked. “You're okay with that?”
“With what?” Perla shrugged.
“With being a stereotypical girl targeted by stereotypically girl movies made by Hollywood.”
“Yes I am,” Perla confirmed. “I'm more than okay with it. I'm downright proud of it.”

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