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Fairies at the Threshold
part 3
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“Yeah we must have really been bored to play that silly game,” Perla told her.
“Your just upset because you lost,” Fern sang out with a laugh.
“Maybe but how can anyone take a game that takes place in a world made of candy seriously?” Perla asked as she opened the door to the restaurant causing a little bell to chime.
“Welcome, can I help you the receptionist,” greeted them.
“Hello I’m Perla, we're here to pick up our order,” Perla smiled at the receptionist.
“Just a moment please,” the waitress told them before turning and walking back towards the counter to pick up their food.
“The biggest industry in Candyland has to be insulin shots,” Perla continued her and her sisters previous conversation.
“They've probably learned better self control then that, having lived there for generations,” Fern argued.
“People don't really learn self control,” Perla disagreed as the waitress returned with their food.
“Thanks,” Perla told the waitress as she took the food and handed half of it to Fern to carry. “How much do I owe you?”
“That'll be sixteen fifty eight,” the waitress told them.
Perla gave the waitress the money then left with her sister.
“In any case its summer,” Fern reminded Perla. “Its not like I have school or anything in the mornings, so its not that bad if I get a little tired.”
“That sounds like a typical teenage excuse,” Perla smiled.
“Are you saying it hasn't been fun hanging out with me in the evenings?” Fern fluttered her eyes.
“Nice turn around,” Perla laughed.
“Besides I'm probably more tired because of how hot its gotten,” Fern speculated. “We should buy one of those giant plastic pools.”
“They take a lot of work to take care of,” Perla disagreed.
“Yes but you need the exercise,” Fern teased Perla as she poked her belly. “You've been hanging out with me too much and your metabolism can't take it.”
Up ahead Perla noticed a strange man walking down the street towards them and subconsciously stepped between the man and her sister. She couldn’t put her finger on it but there was something about him, an energy that set her teeth on edge.

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