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Fairies at the Threshold
part 6
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Fern’s heart was racing faster than her family thought possible and her body felt like ice, so they called an ambulance. As they waited Fern began floating up into the air, shocked they grabbed a hold of her to try to keep her down but she broke from their grip and floated ten feet above the ground a storm of wind began to rage around her throwing them back against the wall. The moment the EMT’s entered the house the storm ended and Fern fell back onto the ground and simply convulsed.
Fern woke in the hospital in the morning, but even awake her mind was distant, her body writhed and contorted as she shrieked with rage. No one but her family ever saw her do anything strange, however, and no camera’s could ever capture what she did. It was a constant struggle to keep her safe as she would pass through walls or float into the air.
Fern was only occasionally aware of what was happening to her body, which she now shared with dozens of other spirits.

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