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The Art of Raven's Shire
A gallery of art inspired by the stories of Raven's Shire

Raven's Shire Fairies Tales
A Flash Fiction Series
A series of tales about and from the perspective of fairies.These are a series of individual short tales which together tell the tale of how fairies compete and manipulate the world around them.

Rumpelstiltskin and the Knight - Rumpelstiltskin helps a young man save a princess....

Rumpelstiltskin and the Fox

Little Red Riding Hood

Discription of the Whispering Forest

The Forgotten and the Future Wicked Step Mother

The Hawthorn Tree Teaches a Girl


The Girl Has a Child With the Tree

Fairies Bosom

Wood Wife and the Baker

Forest Kings - The forest kings play a high stakes game for love and the future of the forest....


Forest King Spreads Illness - Forest King goes after some men cutting down trees....

Forest King Goes Hunting

Saga of a Nix

The Sealkie

An Old Child