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Fairies at the Threshold
part 19
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“Where do you think your going?” The domovoi asked her as he appeared from under the threshold his tone as disapproving and stern as any old mans.
Fern’s heart sank as she wondered why the domovoi wasn’t at the neighbors.
“I’m just going out into the yard for a breath of fresh air,” Fern smiled sweetly as she tried to skip past the old fairy, but with a flick of his hand he sent a pulse of magical energy out that swept her back to the center of the living room.
“Really?” Fern asked with frustration. “I thought it was your job to keep bad things out, not me in.”
“It’s my job to keep you safe, and in your case that definitely means keeping you from going out by yourself.”
“Fine,” Fern scowled at the Domovoi before turning and running back to the laundry room. She’d learned long ago that it was impossible to argue with the little house fairy. She closed the door behind her and hung a string of bells across it to keep the house fairy out, for a few moments anyways.

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