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Fairies at the Threshold
part 31
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“What should I do?” Fern asked the Rusalka.
“Use our magic,” the Rusalka scowled so forcefully that she caused Fern to scowl as well, and Fern realized from the condescending tone of the Rusalka’s voice that she was scowling at herself as the Rusalka considered the question to be silly.
Fern sent a wave of energy out towards the fairy knocking it back for a moment, but the fairy recovered quickly and sent another curse towards Fern. Fern ducked the spell again, this time however it nearly hit the people on the bench behind her that were staring at her like she had gone  mad. Fern couldn’t blame them, they couldn’t see the fairy that was attacking her or the magic, all they saw was a girl hopping around on the sidewalk. But just because they couldn’t see the spells didn’t mean that they couldn’t be hurt by them. If Fern didn’t end this quickly they might get blinded by the fairy or worse. She swept her hand like she’d seen the house fairy do a dozen times and smashed the weed fairy into the steel posts that held up the bus stop. The iron in the steel caused the fairy to sizzle and shriek with pain as it burnt away the fairies magic for a moment.
“What now?” Fern asked the Rusalka as the fairy fell to the ground.
“Pick it up,” the Rusalka told her. “You can’t let it go.”
Fern leapt up quickly snatched the fairy and held it tight. Apparently she had caught the attention of a fairy after all, though he was just a little one. She could feel his energy buzzing around in her hand as he tried curse after curse to free himself, but the fairies inside her kept Fern safe from this weakened little spirit, at least for now.
Desperate to escape the little pixie bit Ferns finger nearly causing her to drop it, but she stopped herself, realizing that if she let go it might fly off and tell others about her.
“What should I do with you,” Fern mused.
“Kill it,” the most feral of the spirits which had possessed Fern laughed gleefully inside her head. “Eat it.”
Fern stopped herself from licking her lips and shuddered at the realization that the wild fairies had nearly regained control.
“I can’t kill him,” Fern shook her head. “I think he’s pretty much defeated now, aren’t you?” She asked the fairy who shook with frustration.
“What should I do?” Fern asked the Rusalka tentatively, for although the rusalka was the most powerful of the spirits within her it had the most connection to humans and so would be the most likely to understand her feelings.
“He has his orders,” the Rusalka told her, “they are to kill or blind you, but he could be useful, you must force him to swear loyalty to you, and swear to keep your secret.”
The bus pulled up disrupting Fern’s thoughts. She hurried onto the bus wincing in pain as the little spirit bit her hand again.
“Meldh,” Fern cursed the little sprite sending a shock of electricity through it which temporarily incapacitated it.
“Are you alright,” a familiar voice asked causing Fern to look up with a jerk.
Jacob a boy from her previous school was scooting over to make room for her to sit down. She hesitated for a moment, uncertain if she wanted to sit beside him. They were friends but she had a spirit in her hand which she couldn’t see. Far worse than that she had extremely lusty fairies inside her head, most of which were prompting her to sit down for all the wrong reasons. The bus door closed and a spirit settled in over the passengers of the bus.

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