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Fairies at the Threshold
part 32
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Its strange to think that Telephone poles were once trees. Tall majestic they stood among each other, creaking and rustling their conversations with the wind. But even in their new form the fairy remains in the telephone pole, for telephone poles are often filled with dreams, hopes and worries. A flyer for a lost cat, a poster for an indie concert by some band hoping to make it, and thousands of calls passing from one person to another over the wires held by the polls. They are spreaders of news, the ultimate gossips so as Fern pulled away the telephone pole began to speak with a rock spirit about her. The rock spirit which sat near shuddered with relief as Fern’s bus pulled away, for the spirits of rocks are sensitive and abhor violence. Though when they are exposed to great acts of violence they will become destructive themselves, taking on the form of the victims to wreck havic on humanity. So it was that the gossipy telephone poll and the frightened stone spirit whispered of what it had seen to the passing wind which carried it out over a small field of grass which whispered it to a cluster of rocks. And so word of Fern’s first little fight with a fairy spread to those who had decread that humans could not know about the “Other World.”

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