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Fairies at the Threshold
part 38
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It was actually a wolf she realized as she thought about why the spirit would have lead her there. She started to runacross the zoo through the African exhibit towards the wolf enclosure.As she ran she passed a pack of hyena’s started laughing at her and the Drekavac inside her, mocking and teasing the tortured spirit.
“Hyena’s really are obnoxious,” Fern scowled at the animals.
“And dangerous,” the Rusalka told her. “They are one of the most likely animals to learn magic, to become shamans as you have. None of these have much power though, but they know what you are which makes them jealous of you, and angry at the spirits inside of you. You need to be careful because they can eat you they’ll take some of your powers so you need to be careful around them.”
Fern took a step back from the hyena’s cage and started to walk past as they heckled her further. Annoyed she turned back to them and shouted. “I’m going to hunt some squirrels so have fun in your cage.”
Mischief broke out into a fit of laughter as the hyena’s started whining and clawing at their bars.
Fern allowed herself a small smile as she walked away, the hyena’s likely saw the squirrels running past everyday, mocking them with their freedom, so she figured that the best way for her to mock them was to remind them that she was free to hunt the little animals.
Fern walked until she was out of sight and then started running. The hyenas had made her more nervous then she’d wanted to let on, so she wanted to put a little more distance between her and them. After running for a few minutes she sat down on a bench across from the wolves cage to rest for a moment. She’d finally managed calm the Drekavac down but now she felt exhasted. She wondered how long it would be before Fletcher found her. He had to know she’d left by now. She smiled to herself as she looked up at the wolves nearly half a dozen of which were still young and playful, though not quite puppies anymore they were wrestling around and yipping at each other. One of the older wolves walked through the chaos of the young ones and stared at Fern with its hypnotic gaze.
Fern felt a tug on her mind and realized that the wolf actually was trying to hypnotize her. Another walked up by the first, then another, and another, each one staring at her. Fern grinned even wider as she realized that she could harass them with magic, by letting them think they might be able to get to her while she kept them at bay with magic. She jumped up over the fence landing among them. She hadn’t been on the ground for more than a second when her legs suddenly felt like lead, that was when she realized the hypnotism had worked, they had convinced her to join them in the cage.

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