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Fairies at the Threshold
part 39

Stu Sus, Fern whistled causing a gust of wind to blow out from her mouth which blew the wolves back for a moment while she tried to run towards the gate, but her legs wouldn’t move.
“Use fire,” the Rusalka snapped at her as she turned to hit the wolves with another blast of wind.
Fern’s mind started racing to remember the old word for fire, Meldh Fern called one of the wolves closed in sending an electric jolt through the animal knocking it to the ground but their were too many of them for her to shock them all.
Fern held her breath to go invisable and scentless confusing the wolves who began to mill about as they tried to figure out what happened to her. Fern struggled towards the bars, her legs still feeling heavy while her lungs began to scream for air. She reached the fence but couldn’t lift her legs up high enough to climb it. Her body screamed for air, everything started to go black, she didn’t want to breath but knew she had to remain conceous so she inhaled, becoming visable agian. The wolves were quick to circle around her so even when she sucked in her breath again and held it they still knew where she was.
Komero k̑erə Fern heard Fletcher call from overhead, Fern nearly toppled over as the plants around her grew dozen feet in a second. They writhed like the tentacles of squid grabbing and tossing wolves back while a twenty foot long fern grabbed Fern around the waist and hoisted her out of the wolves enclosure.
“Fletcher,” Fern breathed, both relieved to see him and afraid of the punishment she was about to receive as her teacher landed on the ground in front of her.
He looked at her for one agonizing moment that seemed to stretch on for eternity.
“Lets go home,” he told her simply as he touched her head, releasing the curse on her legs.
Wait, a young wolf called to them as they turned to leave, take me with you, teach me how to do what you’re doing? the wolf asked.
Fletcher pursed his lips for a moment.
Fern looked back at the wolf and over at her teacher who seemed to be considering bringing the wolf along, she wanted to tell him not to be crazy, to remind him the wolves had almost killed her, but she was afraid to speak to him at the moment so she said nothing as Fletcher had one of the plants lift the wolf over the fence.