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Worlds Rise has one purpose.
To create beautiful stories.

Stories which help you save the world from invisible ninjas. Because we know only you can.

Stories which help you find magical creatures because we know your looking.

Stories which make life more exciting, fun and interesting for everyone.

Learn more through Our Stories.
Thank you!
For saving the world from Invisible Ninjas

You are great! Because while everyone says that imagination is the most important thing, there are so few who exemplify imagination the way you do. Who retain their wonder, and who in so doing make the world more magical for all of us.

You are one of the few, the proud, the imaginative.

You are a creative genius.

Someone who lives in a better world than most people live in. The person who is always searching for hidden realms. Always protecting us all from living a boring life by continuing to play and enjoy the magic of imagination.
You are the one who helps children believe in Santa Claus because you secretly do as well.

You are the person who looks for fairies not just in the forest but in your back yard and its because of you that the world is more fun for all of us.

So Thank You!
About Nukiuk
The Writer

Hide your thumbs when walking past a grave and don’t whistle at the northern lights the elders of the village where I grew up always warned.

And while I was always good about hiding my thumbs to keep the ghosts from stealing them I always whistled at the northern lights because I wanted to see the little people come down from them.

So  began my journey into the hidden worlds told of folktales. Through art and writing I'm always seeking to find new ways to bring these worlds to life. To show the world everything I ever wanted to see.

And like you I still searches for fairies in his back yard. I still believes in Santa Claus and I still search for ways to rescue the world from the ordinary.