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Imagine the world of fairies as you’ve never seen it before—enchantingly beautiful and hauntingly poetic. this is  Sylvan Worlds a collection of the stories, tales and articles about the fairies’ realm. From the quite beauty of “Silent Snow” to the whimsical magic of “Primal Fairies”, see their world in all its wonder.
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Fairy Saga's and Legacy - Primal Fairies
In ancient primal forests
Telling the history of the world from the fairies perspective Fairy Saga's and Legacy follows the journy of the fairy realm from their first encounters with humans in "Primal Fairies" through to the modern day.

Fairy Saga's and Legacy - Today
From Bigfoot and the loch monsters of Scotland to the tree sprites and banished nymphs the fairies have all gone into hiding. Yet even in hiding they still seek to create beauty, even in hiding the poetry of the world calls to them. So it is that two fairies on opposite sides of the world will seek happiness forbidden to them and in so doing will change the world forever.

Silent Snow - Shadows of Hope
Yule is coming; a time for gift giving, friendship and the hope of a new year. But the world has already fallen, conquered by the χάος, demons from beyond time. Only a few humans remain free and able to resist them; in hidden villages and secret safe houses they plot ways to retake the world.


Little Redhood
The spirit of the forest starts a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the spirit of the village.

Frozen Midnight Sun
Three children suddenly find themselves thrust into the world of fairies as the advancing glaicers of a new ice age drive fairies and trolls from their homes in the north.

Curious about whom her future husband will be, Danuta does a ritual to see him only to see a monster of the forest in the mirror. Terrified by what she's seen she attempts to change her fate only to find herself in the wilderness she hoped to avoid, a forest filled with strange creatures and twisted fairies that block her journey home.

Fairies Tales
Fairies struggle to find love, meaning and purpose in the most challenging world of all; their own. Written as a series of short fairy tales from the fairies perspective, the Fairies Tales tells the story of the rise of chivalry and the destruction of civilization.

Sky Pirate Hunters
When the pirates that fly the skies kidnap their families, four friends steal a ship to scour the globe hunting for the pirates in hopes of rescuing those they love. Hunted by an ever growing list of enemies they must deal with capricious fairies, terrifying monsters, and hordes of angry pirate crews.
Midwinter Blossoms
On a ski trip four siblings discover a forest where the trees blossom in midwinter. Curious they walk among the trees, but once inside this fairy realm they can't get out and so must make their homes in this strange land forever caught between winter and spring.
Lost in Neverland
Captain James Hook finds himself on a mysterious island. With no idea how to return home he must deal with a mutinous crew, dangerous animals, murderous mermaids, wild fairies, and worst of all a boy who may become the first person to defeat him in combat.

Moth Light
Like whispers in the shadows out fo the corner of their mind the fairies begin to follow Katlyn.

Forever in Neverland
Tired of dealing with the Lost Boys and the Pirates a Native Neverlander seeks an escape from Neverland.
Fairies Harvest
A village of fairies begins to grow in the attic.


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Your Guide to
Understanding the fairies

within fairy tales.

Fairies lend their name to the greatest tales of all; Grimm's Fairies pieces together these tales the beliefs of the people of Europe to discover the fairies motivations, the reasons people believed that fairies did the things they did. For while fairies may be whispers in the dark forest, gleeful laughs and playful songs on moonlit nights they are so much more...

The air we breathe... is that of Fairy-land; the conditions of existence, the relations between the human race and the spiritual world on the one hand, the material world on the other, are totally inconsistent with those to which we are now restricted. There is boundless freedom of intercourse between mortals and immortals, between mankind and the brute creation, and, although there are certain conventional rules which must always be observed, they are not those which are enforced by any people known to anthropologists.
W. R. S. Ralston, M. A.,