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Fairies at the Threshold
part 24
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The warm morning sun grew into a hot noon day sun causing a drop of sweat to trickle down from Fern’s face as she skipped through the park.
“Really? They thought that pigeons were the replacement for chickens,” Fern laughed at the idea after the fairy inside had explained that a lot of fairies which had been once been mediators between the human and spirit world had chosen pigeons to replace chickens as their messengers in order to help her understand augury, the art of determining what’s happening in the spirit world based on the movement of birds.  
“They living among people inside the cities, and people feed them,” Gnōwos explained. Like most of the spirits inside of Fern, Gnōwos hadn’t had a name until Fern had given him one, a name which meant wise in Proto-Indo-European. Gnōwos looked especially old and scary, having aided warrior priests and shamans during times of war on the Steppes for thousands of years. However as the world had changed he’d shifted to helping farmers, but the grove of trees he’d lived in to do that had eventually been cut down so he’d moved on. His constant experience helping people with real world problems had made him perhaps the most sensible and down to earth of the spirits that she’d managed to get to speak to her.
“You have to understand,” Gnōwos continued, “when people stopped having chickens in urban areas the fairies needed somewhere to go.”
“But pigeons?”Fern furrowed her brow in confusion.
“Spirits are good at adapting, and in many ways pigeons served the same purpose, their nature matched that of the fairies close enough and they moved around humans so people could pick up messages through them. Of course nearly everyone has forgotten how to read the movements of pigeons and birds to understand what the fairies are trying to communicate, but they still try.
“Wait, I thought that fairies weren’t supposed to communicate with humans anymore?” Fern asked uncertainly.
“We are not, but some of us do so anyways,” Gnōwos told her. “It’s difficult for those who try to rule over us to control all of us so they ignore small things.”

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