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Fairies at the Threshold
part 25
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Fern sat down at a park bench to watch the fairies eating among the pigeons for a while as she thought for a moment about running over to visit her sister, but Perla had visited nearly every week and would most likely be responsible and decide that it was too dangerous for Fern to be outside just yet. However, the outside world didn’t seem that dangerous, certainly not now that she knew what was going on. The fairies had for the most part ignored her, and unlike people who couldn’t see fairies she could easily avoid going near the bad ones. “If anything,” Fern thought as she sat on a park bench “my parents are in more danger than I am.”
A loud squealing laugh caused Fern glanced over at a little boy who running through the grass. She smiled as she recalled the few times that her older sister had brought her to this park when they were younger. Not often of course, back then the two of them hadn’t been nearly as close as they had become. The little boy went running up to his mother with a handful of clover flowers and dandelions a big grin on his face, but something seemed wrong. Fern thought about closing her human eyes and only leaving her spirit eyes open, but she hesitated. Whenever the denizens of the ‘Other World’ killed someone, or kidnapped them they would replace that person with an automaton of leaves, mud, wood or other natural objects that was disguised so well by a glamour that not even medical tests would reveal them for what they really were. Fletcher had told her that about one in a hundred people was one of these changelings and she hated the idea of seeing who was no longer human.
The little boy was skipping away from his mother, and her smile had turned into a pensive look of concern.Something was clearly wrong, and if Fern was going to find out what she’d have to risk taking a look. She took a breath and closed her eyes, the world seemed to change around her as she saw each persons four souls rather than their bodies and the trees turned into mansions which housed the spirits within.She glanced over towards the little boy, but instead of the four souls which people normally have he only had three, he was missing his defensive soul. Each human has four souls, one to give life, one which allows them to be creative, the other which allows them to be destructive, and a final one which provides them with a small amount of magical power. Most people used this fourth soul without realizing it to protect themselves from accidental curses which others might place on them without realizing it as well as from minor fairy curses, and other similar sorts of things. Without it the boy would be thousands of times more likely to get anything from cancer to epilepsie.

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