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Fairies at the Threshold
part 26
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Fern opened her eyes again and pursed her lips as she wondered what could have happened to the fourth soul. Occasionally someone could be born without one of their souls, but if a person had no defenses against the world around them they rarely lived more than a few months much less four or five years. Something must have taken his soul. Fern rubbed her eyes as she tried to remmember everything Fletcher had taught her, unfortunatly there were a lot of things which might snatch a souls. She closed her eyes and tried to look for a clue as to what might have happened, but she wasn’t certain what she was looking for.
As she tried to spot a clue the boy happened to turn onto a fairy path and so was briefly cursed, just long enough to send him into an epileptic fit. The boys mother went running to him, and Fern opened her eyes again. She needed some help. Fern bit her lip, she had dozens of spirits inside of her, which she had spoken too, but always with Fletcher there to help her, for they could be dangerous. However, a shaman drew most of their powers from these spirits.
“Go forth now my spirits, Go through the city streets and hidden alleys. Peak in buildings and search sewers  and the underground city, and deeper still. Search the forests and high into the mountains to ascend to the heavens to tell  me where the child’s soul is hiding,” Fern told the spirits inside of her, sending them out to try to locate the boys soul.

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