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Fairies at the Threshold
part 28
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Fern sat there on the park bench with only the Drekavac remained, the vampiric spirit of a baby which had been left in the woods to starve to death, like an unlucky Hansel it was now forever hungry, so Fern was afraid to let it leave on it’s own. Though she hated having it be the only spirit remaining inside her as she  felt the sudden urge to lash out at mothers; to claw, bite, throw a tantrum and worse still to eat. The smell of blood was suddenly sweet, alluring. Fern Scrunched her face into her fists as she fought down the sudden urge. The Drekavac forced her to remember its life as a human baby hundreds of years before, unwanted and unloved once the famine came.
“Shhh, shh, it’s alright,” Fern tried to comfort the shrieking spirit. “Hush, hush,” Fern repeated gently before starting to sing to calm the vicious little spirit.
“What have you found?” Fern asked with relief when her spirits returned.
“Very little I’m afraid,” they told her. “The others can still smell your scent on us, in the heavens they complain of the stink of a human and in the underworld they hunger for it, and here on this world they are afraid to be involved with it.”

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