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Fairies at the Threshold
part 29
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Fern hurried quickly across the street to the bus stop to wait.
A weed sprite was singing about the sunshine it’s voice like that of all fairies was hauntingly beautiful, but fairly childish, Fern supposed that Weed spirits didn’t have long to live and so were most likely more immature than most other fairies if that was at all possible. Fern couldn’t make out most of the words though she did manage to figure out that he was praising the sun for cracking the sidewalk to let more weeds grow through. Fern wondered if the little spirit knew that humans would pave over the sidewalk again leaving him temporarily without a home. She wondered what happened to the dozens of weed spirits without homes that must exist every time a street was repaved. She knew that when trees were cut down tree spirits found their way into wooden objects such as walls and floorboards where they would act like poltergeists, though the ones in the place she’d been living now had been pacified and so were fairly boring overall when she even got to see them.
There were two people sitting on the bench while sharing a space a large shadowy troll. Fern shook her head a little, it was still disconcerting to see both worlds together. Fern closed her eyes for a moment to give them a break from the overwhelming experience of trying to sort out the human and the fairy realms.

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