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Fairies at the Threshold
part 8
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“You're right sometimes there isn’t, but this isn't one of those times.” The man paused for a moment then grabbed both her hands in his. Let me show you something. He asked gently and a few moments later Fern gave a surprised yelp as realized that she was floating a dozen feet off the ground though it still felt like she was sitting on something solid. She gave another surprised yelp as they continued to rise higher and higher into the sky.
“What are you doing?” she asked trembling.
“Flying,” he smile, well levitating at the moment I suppose would be the proper word for it. As I said I wanted to show you something.”
Fern looked down at the ground now thousands of feet below them, then pointedly looked up, but she couldn’t help but glance down in wonder again and again.
“You'll also notice that you get both scared and excited like everyone else,” he chuckled, as they froze in place at last.
Fern looked down again and sucked in her breath in awe, they were so high she could see the curve of the earth and the millions of lights from the cities below across the whole North American continent as well as the Sun shining on the Ocean beyond.
“What do you see?” he asked as she looked down.
“How high are we?” She asked with wonder, gleeful excitement replacing her concern.
“At the edge of space,” he told her. “Few other people have come so high and you didn’t even need a spaceship, of course it’ll be years before you can do this on your own.”
“I’ve always thought it would be exciting to be an astronaut,” Fern admitted.
“Try looking up than, that view is just as amazing.” He instructed.
Obediently, she looked up and held her breath yet again. Without the miles of atmosphere in the way there were thousands more stars than she'd ever seen in her life. Up this high they barely twinkled at all, they just shown like steady beacons of light in the darkness of space.
“The stars,” she whispered in awe. “Even more than on the ground it’s like the universe is extends forever.”

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