Worlds Rise
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Fairies at the Threshold
part 9
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“Now look down again,” He instructed her and reluctantly she pulled her eyes away from the stars. “What do you see?” He asked gently.
“Its hard to see anything in the dark,” she told him, “all I see are the blobs of light where the cities are.”
“Exactly,” the man nodded. “So many lights that they blend together to make large blobs of light. There are billions more lights on the world then there are visible stars, yet stars make us feel small. What should make most people feel small is not the unknown but the knowledge that there are more people almost exactly like them then their are visible stars in the sky. You and I are different, however,” he smiled. “We can do things that most people only dream dream of but will never begin to know how to achieve.”.
He took both her hands and began to pull her through the air, beginning to teach her to fly as one teaches a small child to swim. She giggled with delight as she looked down on the world below her.

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