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Fairies at the Threshold
part 10
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Fletcher Journal Entry Aug 17th, 2012

Night falls for humans, but for most of the fairy population the day is just beginning, they haunt humanity now stalking through the streets searching for ways into peoples homes. They are everywhere; beautiful and terrifying, in their world the two always seem to go hand in hand. Tree Coppices which sprout from tree stumps are the perfect example of this, the contradiction on both life and death. They wander through the streets snatching people from their homes and leaving behind changelings of leaves, wood and mud that any normal human will see as the person they were meant to replace. There are very few humans left who are able to see them for what they are, and so although I’ve said this before it bares repeating, it falls to us to stand as a guardians and mediators to protect the human world.
I’m standing outside a building of high end condos waiting for a creature that Hollywood has made out to be the most romantic and perhaps the scariest of all of them, the vampire.
With thousands of years of life they cultivate a huge collection of treasures, knowledge and skills; allowing most of them to become extremely wealthy. However, in order to avoid detection they almost never feed where they live, so chances are with so many wealthy people in one place a vampire will emerge from this building to go somewhere else in search of food.

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