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Fairies at the Threshold
part 12
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The vampire finishes feeding and comes out of the bedroom while I’m distracted looking to see if the hearth spirit has changed into something else. He lets out a low growl upon spotting me, worried that I’ll reveal what he is or that I’m a vampire hunter. He rushes towards me, but I came prepared for this; I use the wind spirit inside of me to blow out a gust of wind so strong it stop vampire in his tracks so that I can shove a stick of hawthorn into his mouth before he can get a hold of me.
There are many kinds of vampires, each with their own weaknesses, and while this particular one isn’t killed by hawthorn or rosewood, it is paralyzed by them when the wood is put inside his mouth.

The most notable feature on a vampire are the teeth, long and thin, like little needles they inject a mild toxin that relaxes their victim so that those who are asleep won’t wake up and those who are awake will stop struggling. The biggest danger from a vampire, however, comes from the fact that they spread disease. Because they are dead their mouths begin to grow filthier than any humans, so that most of the people they bite will grow ill. Moreover their saliva, which has developed healing cells in order to prevent them from leaving a mark on those they bite, also accelerate the growth of bacteria Those who study the “Other World” will see that this sort of disease spreading is common among magical creatures and before medical science allowed us to learn about bacteria and viruses it was presumed such creatures caused the diseases themselves. This isn’t the case however; they are simply carriers of them.
I lay bough of dried hawthorn flowers on the vampire's chest and smile cunningly at him. I have found that a gentle smile can be more terrifying when one is faced with death than any scowl, especially since I discovered much to my dismay that my visage isn’t very terrifying.
You’re mine I tell the vampire as I lay the curse binding his will to mine. Whenever I call, whatever I ask, forevermore must you do..
Finished with my curse I pull the hawthorn from the vampire’s mouth and it bolts up and runs off. It is important for me to impress upon you how dangerous it is to kill anything in from the “Other World” for long ago their rulers stated that humans were not to know about them, that any who did would have to suffer. And while the chaotic nature of the world means that few pay much attention to this edict few of the denizens of the “Other World” can be obvious when they interact with the human world and we can’t be obvious when we interact with theirs. Plus taking control of vampires means that I can use them later should something come after me.
With the vampire gone I take a quick look around the house wanting to see if anything remains of this fairy. At last I find the fairy I’m looking for, a boggart. The twisted little man is in the bedroom sitting at the head of one of the apartment’s occupants, tying small knots in her hair. The twisted little man growls at me as I enter the room and I allow his warning to give me pause, so he continues to put knots in the girl’s hair.
The boggart was once a hearth fairy, most likely a brownie, but it has since grown extremely nasty because of the condition of the house.
The boggart’s body is filthy and covered in scabs. At one time it was presumed that perhaps the bacteria in a house affected brownies more than they did the humans, causing the scabs and their transformation into a boggart. Boggarts tear at their own flesh in frustration as they find themselves trapped in a home they no longer want to live in.
Brownies and other hearth fairies are neat freaks; they choose to inhabit beautiful homes. The size or cost of the home isn’t the issue. What they care about is that the house be warm and inviting, if its not they’ll begin to go crazy or leave. Looking at the boggart and a brownie side by side one would never think they are one and the same, for when fairies change they don’t simply become messier, or alter their style. Their face and body warps, in some cases fairies that were hundreds of feet tall have become smaller then six inches thanks to the changes in the modern world.
The boggart jumps off the bed and runs through the wall. I follow it. Boggart’s are dizzyingly fast and can pass through floors, walls, and other household objects as if they weren’t there. They can also close any door in the house without having to be near it. Its rarely human dead who haunt houses, at least not in the form we tend to anticipate. In reality it’s more likely to be a fairy. Hearth fairies and other similar fairies can grow close to people, so when a person dies suddenly they become wild, just as this boggart has. They are also prone to creating glamour’s of the person they once loved, all of which creates the illusion that the being haunting the house is the person that has passed on.
I catch up to the boggart as it licks at the milk in the fridge with a long, filthy tongue. A boggart living in your house means that your food goes bad faster and is more likely to carry food poisoning, even if it escapes the general mess of the rest of the house because the boggart will lick at it for his sustenance.

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