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Fairies at the Threshold
part 14
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There is a moment, when your feet touch a chilly wooden floor, your hands brush against a wooden rail. The sunlight streams through a window so you can see the dust dancing. It's a moment when everything is perfect, a moment you cannot describe no matter how hard you try. You feel secure and safe within your home, like you're wrapped in a warm blanket yet at the same time connected to everything around you as if you were standing in the middle of the forest. It is in these moments that you have connected to something ancient, something magical.

Fern felt the gentle warmth of the early morning sun drift through the window to touch her face, but she resisted the urge to allow her eyes to pop open immediately even as anxious as she was too start her day. Instead she sniffed the air to make certain that no one was watching, she knew that Fletcher and her parents would check on her now and again like worried mother hens. It had been a little over two months now since Fern had been ‘chosen’ by a swarm of fairies and spirits. Which is to say that they’d possessed her and nearly driven her mad before Fletcher had saved her, not by removing the spirits but by helping her learn how to control them.

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